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On the road to Google PlayStore

A native app is distributed on Google Play. App9ice allows you to create an app, submit it to the stores and enjoy all the related benefits : visibility through ASO and notoriety through user's comments and ratings.

Push notifications

Native apps are an essential tool for user engagement. They allow you to create direct and customized communication strategies with your users by sending manual or scheduled push notifications.

Progressive Web App

App9ice delivers Progressive Web Apps in Angular 6.0. This next generation of web apps allows for a one of a kind reactivity and the most advanced user experience, on mobile and beyond, tablets and desktop alike.

Unique back office

Take advantage of the most advanced management system on the market. The App9ice back office is intuitive and lets you build, without any coding skills, a project equipped with the latest cutting edge technology out there. A creation tool, as well as a one-stop-shop for managing and monitoring your work, it’s an unbeatable asset to make your project a success.

Native app

App9ice delivers native apps in Objective-C for iOS and Java for Android, to ensure the best user experience on each platform.

Reliable Perfection


Offline use

Your content is synchronized from your back office and stored directly inside the app. App9ice native apps are thus completely available offline

High performance

We’ve taken into account performance requirements from the first line of code ever written for our native apps. Everything is designed for fast display and stability, on top of which, performance tests are regularly conducted by our team of developers to maintain the same level of excellence.

Customizable generic text

From a dedicated interface, it is possible to edit all the generic text of your application. Use the search engine to identify the text you wish to customize. An explanatory text gives you the context in which it is used

Add-Ons management

The management of Add-ons takes place within a dedicated interface, which lets you see all the Add-Ons you have activated at a glance, along with the option to deactivate or delete them.

App duplication

App9ice offers an option which allows for the duplication of a project, including its sections, content, as well as all its data and design settings.


We Enable an instant messaging service into your app.
Messages – One inbox, thousands of conversations. View, manage, and create conversations. All this in an interface that’s intuitive for your user

Over 350 features

App9ice offers an infinity of possibilities to make an app

User authentication

Restrict your users' access to your app

Content Management

8 sections to empower your content: Articles, Videos, Photos, Sound, Map, Form, Calendar,


The right notification pushed to the right user at the right time: Scheduled, Geofencing, and iBeacon. Define your own criteria and manage the automatic dispatch of push notifications


Circulate ads through external ad networks or the internal ad server

Loyalty program

Reward loyal customers right through your app: Loyalty Card, Club Card, and Couponing.. Your clients collect points to earn rewards

Chat & Community

Manage your community and integrate an instant messaging service

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